Leah // Mentor Session//02.16.12

I had the awesome privilege this week of spending the day with a talented up-and-coming photographer Leah Price with Leah Nicole Photography. Leah is so full of life and passion that I’m certain she will take her photography dreams far.I look forward to keeping up with her work [and our new found friendship] with excitement! ;)

Leah and I began our day with a shoot at Fountain City Park right down from my house where we talked about understanding natural light, natural reflectors and composition. We also talked lots about equipment and mechanics. Leah is a freaking rockstar because she has been shooting with an old school 50mm 1.4 [super awesome lens].. made long before the digital day which requires her to do everything manually. This girl is determined to take incredible pictures even when he equipment gives her challenges. She blows those challenges out of the water! I was so impressed.

After shooting her at the park we sat down for a meal over Panera Bread soup where we talked about dreams, goals and branding. I love to hear how photographers get started and hear them talk about their dreams. It’s inspiring to me to reach harder for me own. I heard it once said..



.. maybe I just saw it on Pinterest.. but either way it stuck with me. After lunch we headed back to my home office where we processed the images we took earlier, talked lots about workflow, editing tools and finding your own art/style. Our day flew by so fast and I didn’t get nearly enough time getting to know this awesome girl.. so I hope to see her super soon to just get to know one another away from the camera. ;)

Here are some of the shots I took during our fun shoot.

  1. Lori, these are such beautiful pictures! And the fact that you are taking someone under your wing and showing/teaching them just shows how true your heart is and your love for photography. These are beautiful images and I’m sure that Leah learned an immense amount!

  2. Beautiful photos!! I’d love to be mentored by you some day.

  3. Liz 02.22.12

    Great pics, Lori! Only one question…how does she get her hair to look so perfect?! Super jealous :)

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